News: CARBON FOR WATER in Scientific American

Teach the Children Well…About Water

By Robynne Boyd
September 24, 2013

Today, all eighth and ninth graders in the public school system here in Decatur, Ga., are partaking in a day-long seminar known as Water Wise. Last night, I attended the preview complete with presentations about water-borne diseases, water conservation, and the intricate interplay between energy use and water.

The night capped off with a screening of the 2011 documentary film, “Carbon for Water.” The film follows an effort by Vesterfaard Frandsen to disseminate its product LifeStraw, a water filtration technology, in Kenya’s Western Province. The water filter aims to reduce the lost time, health risks and carbon dioxide emissions that come from women and girls gathering wood and water, and boiling it for consumption.

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